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 Fibroid Network News: Dr Sandra Richards Fibroid Interview with Bridgette York Saturday 5th May 2007 9

Press Releases & Media Requests

Dr Sandra Richards Phd Interviews Bridgette York about Fibroids on Colourful Radio, which is available online.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN & VIEW the Colourful Radio Website to visit the Colourful Radio radio interview (UK) 5th May 2007 between 9-12am GMTwith Sandra Richards

In addition to holding a PhD, Dr. Richards has a substantial track record of grassroots community development in the UK, Caribbean, America and Africa. Her work has contributed significantly to self-development, professional good practice, inclusive education and rites of passage. In this work, Sandra pioneers a multi-sensory approach to stress management.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Saturday, May 05 @ 02:14:28 EDT
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 Fibroid Network News: Bridgette Interviewed on BBC Radio Sun 11 March between 9-12pm

Press Releases & Media Requests

Bridgette York, was Interviewed, Sunday 11th March 2007 on BBC Radio London 94.9 fm Eddie Nestor,s show today Sunday 11th March 2007 between 9-12am in the morning. There was also phone-in. Toptcs discussed: Fibroids & pregnancy, the Mirena coil, new diet research, international fibroid statistics, hysterectomy & Patient Choice & the New NHS guidelines on Heavy Periods, with or without fibroids, which made all the alternatives to Hysterectomy available in the UK on the NHS from January 2007.

Realplayer or Windows Media Player are useful to play it. If you missed it it will be online for 7 days, 24hours a day CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW ONLINE NOW. The Fibroids section is about 35 mins into the show

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Sunday, March 11 @ 01:48:41 EST
 (3169 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Bridgette York was interviewed on ITV's This Morning Weds 7 March 2007

Fibroid Network CharityBridgette York of Fibroid Network was on ITV's This Morning Programme on Wednesday 7th March 2007 , discussing Fibroids & raising awareness of new treatments available as a result of a new NHS Guideline UK ITV's This Morning Programme. Thank you Fern & Phil for raising awareness of this important issue.

From left to right This Morning Presenter, Fern Britton, Bridgette York , Presenter , Phillip Schofield, Sashi Obhrai Fibroid Network

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Tuesday, March 06 @ 10:22:08 EST
 (3721 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Bridgette York interviewed on BBC's Woman's Hour Fri 23 Feb 2007

Press Releases & Media

Bridgette York Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Womans Hour.

Realplayer or Windows Media Player are useful to play it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW ONLINE

One in four women in England suffer from menstrual problems at some point in their life and half of those may never see their GP about the problem. Fibroids can be one of the causes and traditionally women have been offered a hysterectomy as a solution. However there are now many more treatment options and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has issued new guidelines to help women find the right one. Martha Kearney talks to Bridgette York, about the successful removal of an 11 pound fibroid , whilst still keeping her womb, Bridgette is a Director of the Fibroid Network and Jenny Higham, Consultant Gynaecologist, Imperial College, London CLICK HERE to Read about the Programme on the BBC WEbsite

Dr Adrian Lower (Myomectomy & Fertility Specialist)of the Private London Fibroid Clinic (Tel 0207 486 2440 )performed Bridgette's myomectomy Weblink Here

This & many other treatments including, Fibroid Embolisation (fibroid shrinkage), is now available to all UK women, on the NHS, thanks to the recommendations in the new NHS Guidelines.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Saturday, February 24 @ 08:07:42 EST
 (3794 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Huw Edwards UK Minister of Parliament wants MP's Support for Fibroid Choice

Fibroid Network Charity

Huw Edwards MP for Monmouth has tabled an Early Day Motion in the UK Parliament to support the need for Women with Fibroids to have Informed Patient Choice in Alternatives for Hysterectomy

 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, February 24 @ 13:22:50 EST
 (4378 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Editor returned from successful Fibroid Treatment

Fibroid Network CharityHi everyone, I had my fibroid treatment last week, and I feel great. I am now fibroid free and have kept my healthy womb.

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, July 20 @ 15:09:01 EDT
 (5546 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Your Feedback is Required re: Lists of Specialists Fibroid Doctors


We would like feedback from you on how best to compile a list of consultants who perform fibroid operations.

One of our most frequently asked questions, is where best to go for treatment, unfortunately unless we get alot of feedback from people, we have no way of knowing who the best Doctors are, & where, which is where our site visitors can help. At present there doesnt appear to be a resource available to provide a Gynaecologist's fibroid performance statistics. And if it were available, it wouldnt tell us whether a Dr performs lots of hysterectomies rather than myomectomies. It also wouldn't tell us whether people were given fully informed, choice of treatments.

Please click to read more & comment on this issue.

Bridgette York Fibroid Network Charity

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Thursday, March 18 @ 18:09:39 EST
 (6898 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Fibroid Network Translation Project

Fibroid Network CharityHi everyone! We want to find the word for fibroids in all of the world languages to help us to research what is happening for women with fibroids around the world. Add your word for fibroids now in your language.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Friday, September 26 @ 15:57:57 EDT
 (6848 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Fibroid Network Charity is Fundraising

Fundraising Activities Fibroid Network Charity Seeks Funding

Fibroid Network is seeking funding for our services

Fibroid information/ leaflets. for UK Hospitals, Health Centres, Local Authorities and Women’s Support Groups.

We have no current funders, this website is provided to you by volunteers

Please send a Donation to keep us going :

Fibroid Network Charity

13 Leytonstone Road
Maryland, Stratford,
London E15 1JA
England, UK
Registered Charity No.1087242

If you know of any Women's Health Funders/Grants that can assist us , please email us

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Monday, September 22 @ 20:07:17 EDT
 (4714 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: UK & USA Fibroid Conferences Planned for 2003 & 2004

Fibroid Network Charity Fibroid Network 2003 Conference
Welcome from
Bridgette York
Director of Fibroid Network
Fibroid Network had its Annual Conference on Saturday 13th Sep 2003 at Goldsmith College, London. All were welcome! Thank you to all the volunteers & Organisations who made it possible. Women were given the opportunity to have leading experts go through all the options for Fibroid treatments. Click Here for more Details.
You are welcome to add your thoughts and comments to the articles on this site and in the Discussion Forums. I will be adding lots of articles on diet, new fibroid medical surgeries, and new fibroid research next week. So bookmark this site & feel free to browse. Email any questions you have to us.
We are planning a 2004 US conference. Our next UK conference will be specifically on new techniques for dealing with Heavy Bleeding and fibroids. We are looking for a UK venue with experts dealing with all aspects of this problem. If you have any suggestions, or you'd like to attend or you can assist , take part or volunteer, please contact us.
Bridgette York
Editor & Director

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Thursday, September 11 @ 09:49:51 EDT
 (6234 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Fibroid Network would like to contact all Fibroid Support Groups both Nationally

Fibroid Support Groups & CharitiesFibroid Network would like all fibroid support groups big or small, National or International to contact us so that we can help link you to women looking for support in your areas.

 Posted by isisuk on Wednesday, September 10 @ 09:52:18 EDT
 (6052 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Welcome to Fibroid Network Charity Online!

Fibroid Network Charity Welcome to Fibroid Network Online

Welcome to Fibroid Network Online! This site is currently being rebuilt to provide you with Fibroid, Discussion groups, books, interviews, surveys, worldwide fibroid news, Fibroid Chat, events, research, your news, Fibroid directory(weblinks), FAQ's,  Our mission is to improve Fibroid Networking. Fibroid News, articles, support group details, events, research to this site. Free registration, discussion forums, add your news & links. Link to us at www.fibroidnetworkonline.com

French Spanish Italian Portuguese German

Translate this site with Google

 Posted by isisuk on Friday, July 04 @ 13:32:01 EDT
 (5254 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Guardian Observer Article The unkindest cut

Press Releases & Media New Page 1

Fibroid Network in the news Guardian Observer article - The Unkindest Cut-Until recently, the only treatment for fibroids was a hysterectomy. But new treatments are giving women hope . Barbara Rowlands  Journalist Sunday July 29, 2001 The Observer    CLICK HERE for the Guardian Observer Fibroid Article

 Posted by isisuk on Saturday, May 31 @ 09:26:23 EDT
 (2884 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Fundraising Projects

Fundraising Activities Fibroid Network Charity Seeks Funding

Fibroid Network is seeking funding for our services

Fibroid information/ leaflets. for UK Hospitals, Health Centres, Local Authorities and Women’s Support Groups.

We have no current funders, this website is provided to you by volunteers

Please send a Donation to keep us going :

Fibroid Network Charity

13 Leytonstone Road
Maryland, Stratford,
London E15 1JA
England, UK
Registered Charity No.1087242

If you know of any Women's Health Funders/Grants that can assist us , please email us

 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, May 29 @ 08:26:42 EDT
 (2313 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Fibroid NetworkLondon Press Conference Bloomberg 2001

Press Releases & MediaLaunch of Fibroid Network will give a big helping hand for women suffering from fibroids. On Monday 9th July 2001 at 1.00 p.m. at the Bloomberg European H.Q. at 39-45 Finsbury Square, London EC1, a new venture is to be launched which will help the thousands of women each year who develop uterine myomas, that is benign growths in the womb - otherwise known as fibroids A telephone helpline service for women concerned about fibroids and the treatments offered is to be set up to deal with an estimated 10,000 callers and visitors each year and the advice service will be supported by an international online database of medical and other references. A specialised research facility on fibroids and its effects, including an online reference collection and Library as well as an online database and internet search facility, will be open to all, including doctors, medical researchers, medical and women's studies students, and journalists in addition to women sufferers.

 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, May 29 @ 06:52:48 EDT
 (5423 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Fibroid Network London is open!

Press Releases & MediaWe are pleased to announce that Fibroid Network Charity is now open in London. Please contact us for opening times. We will be providing leaflets a helpline and fibroid information workshops. We also have fibroid books on sale through Sisternetwork at the same address. We are currently looking for volunteers for the centre and help with fundraising. Our address is Fibroid Network Charity Sisternetwork Centre 13 Leytonstone Road Stratford London E15 1JA open@fibroidnetworkonline.com Bridgette York Founding Director Fibroid Network Charity

 Posted by isisuk on Wednesday, May 28 @ 16:58:15 EDT
 (3969 reads)
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For Women seeking an Alternative to Hysterectomy for fibroids. What Age group are you?

Under 10 years
66 & over


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